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Leading by inner growth

I have been working in the consulting business in one or another way already more than 13 years, mainly in Latvia and Nordic countries. The idea to establish my own consulting practice came from the desire to make my own reality and to choose to do the work that I like, have passion and excitement as well as it provides fulfillment for my personal needs.

During my active work life I have been doing rather wide range of different tasks however last few years I have been focusing more on such management consulting areas as strategic management, change management and HRM. In addition I enjoy the individual consulting (counseling, mentoring, coaching …) for managers, owners of companies and other people in areas of personality development (including spiritual), relationship, personal productivity and effectiveness. See more in chapter “Services”.

If you have a feeling that something should be changed in your company or organization (and probably in your life as well) and have a desire to make change in the existing reality, you are welcome to contact me personally to discuss your issue. There might be available a number of solutions depending from specific of your situation, your openness to alternative approaches and new inspiring ideas.

I invite you to browse freely my webpage and please do not hesitate to contact me!

Sincerely Yours,
Janis Briedis
Janis Briedis management consulting practice